Winter Maternity Outfit

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Isn’t it funny how a bump can change so quickly.  I don’t just mean how fast it grows, but also how it seems to disappear some days.  Depending on what I wear I look seriously pregnant, and other times I hardly look pregnant at all.  I wore this for a errand filled day, which we seemed to get through quite quickly with very little stress.  We needed to get a few things for the nursery renovation.  We walked into a hardware store and bought paint, that took us less than 10 minutes to choose.  Then we drove to a place that installs flooring and we chose I floor in 30 seconds flat.  Done and dusted!

By the way, the jeans are the only maternity item in this post.

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Non-Maternity Maternity

Non-Maternity Maternity Non-Maternity Maternity Non-Maternity Maternity Non-Maternity Maternity

I love finding new ways to wear my clothes. Especially now that I can only fit into a few of them comfortably. I also really like the fact that I can get inspiration for my maternity outfits from non-maternity sources.  I copied this outfit from Fran and managed an outfit that doesn’t consist of any maternity clothing at all.  I never wore this black cardigan much, because it is was too big for me.  Now it is the only piece I can button up. Most of my cardigans and jackets are worn open, because they just don’t zip/button up. These tights are an XL size, so they fit AND are comfortable.  Nothing worse than a baby and a pair of tights pressing on your bladder!

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B for Bump.

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Yet another non-maternity maternity outfit for you. To be honest I wore slippers all day and just put the heels on for the photos.  This skirt is really perfect for the bump (for now at least).  It isn’t uncomfortable, it stretches nicely and I can still zip it all the way up.  I really hope I don’t stretch it out, this skirt is one of my favourites.

I can’t believe how quickly my jackets,cardigans and button up shirts have failed to close.  I had to stop wearing button ups even before I was showing, they just didn’t fit.  I still keep them for extra layers or if I need a light cardigan.  This baseball jacket is still fairly new, but I’ve worn it so many times it feels like I’ve had it for ages!  It is so nice and warm, plus it make any outfit seem instantly relaxed.  I think it might be the first time it appears on the blog.  Its a shame though, because I’ve had some really nice outfits with it, let’s hope there are many more still to come.

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Slightly Sporty

Slightly Sporty www.rockthatfrock.comSlightly Sporty Slightly Sporty Slightly Sporty

I wore this to a family lunch at the in-laws.  I wish I didn’t have to cover up the striped top, but it was so cold that day!  The striped top and jeggings are maternity items, the rest are all non-maternity.

I quite dressing a little bit ‘sportier’ these days.  I think it is just so much more comfortable!  I guess comfort is key, these days. And boy are maternity clothes comfey!

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