Two years of blogging

So, rockthatfrock is two years old!

Blogging really has taught me and changed me a lot.  Firstly, I have become more confident.  Putting photos of oneself up on the interwebz for strangers to look at is quite a scary thing! One often hears horror stories of style/fashion bloggers being abused and all the negativity directed towards them.  I have had none of that.  My readers (which means you!) really are a sweet and supportive bunch.  So thanks for sticking around! I really do appreciate it when you head over to this blog to see what I’ve been wearing. Thank you!

As you can tell, I’ve changed my blog a bit.  I’ve made it a bit more simple and quite basic.  I’ve had a bit of a lifestyle change over the last year and I’ve been struggling with blog/life balance. So this year I’m trying to keep it simple.  I’m posting twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) instead of three times a week.  I’ve also been experimenting with photos a bit.  I’m still using my phone, because my lenses are being temperamental, (It might be time for a service).

I want to thank you all for your support and show you which posts have been the most popular, over the last year.  I was very surprised! (Click the photo to view the original post.)

In third place: Girls Night Out

Girls Night out 2

Second place:  What to wear to a braaibirthdya presents 2

And the most viewed post of the past year:  Leggings are not pants!

leggings are not trousers


Please let me know what you think of the new layout.  If you have any blogging tips or tricks, please do share with the rest of us!

Here is to a good third year of blogging and hopefully some great outfits!

Let’s get layered up!

Modcloth Layers

Modcloth Layers by oddfrog

I don’t know about you guys but this sweltering heat we are experiencing is making me long for cooler weather.  Seeing as the US is experiencing some sort of ice age at the moment, I thought I’d put together  a layered outfit.  All the items are from ModCloth.  Guess what? They even ship to South Africa! Who knew?

I tend to follow some rules when layering.

  1.  The closer the garment is to your skin, the more tailored is should be.  That solves the whole bulkiness issue.
  2. Mix different sleeve lengths.  This helps with the annoying issue of sleeves creeping up and avoids stretching them out as well.
  3. Layering is an excellent way of playing with patterns and textures for some added interest.

I love this cardigan.  The lace look gives it a nice romantic feel.  I love it when a cardigan has the option of wearing it as a three-quarter sleeve or a long-sleeve.  It makes it so much more versatile.

I opted for a classic grey tee to show off the beautiful ‘lace’ of the cardigan.  Then as an under shirt I chose this taupe, striped tank.  I love it when there is a bit of an unexpected colour or pattern just peaking out from under the layers.

Add a pop of colour with a textured red scarf and pair this whole look with a pair of classic jeans.

Or if you are here in SA and its mid-summer, skip the classic grey top and scarf. Wear the striped tank and the statement cardigan when the sun and the temperature drops.

Check out some more great cardigans and pull overs (there so many cute ones!)

Marsala: colour if the year 2015


I was a bit underwhelmed when the announced Marsala as colour of the year. You see, I already planned to do a post in things that I already own in the new colour of the year. You know, for the whole old/new theme I have going for the month of Jan. But to my surprise I have more than I thought! I have more Marsala items then I had Radiant Orchid. Strictly speaking a lot of these items aren’t exactly the shade of Marsala, but who is going to notice? Unless, some one follows me around with a colour swatch, none will be the wiser. And if there was someone doing that, who would be the one crossing the line? Me wearing oxblood and calling it Marsala or creepy-colour-stalker-person?

Why not go through your items and see which ones you can pass of as colour of the year? If you followed last years oxblood trend I’m sure you might have an item or two to rename.

New way to wear a purple lace dress.

Happy 2015 everyone!  In the spirit of all things new, I thought I would try a little series for the month of January.

I will be showing you how I’ve worn certain items in the past, plus a new way of wearing it.  The first item in this series is my trusty purple lace dress.  Whenever I have an event that calls for a pretty dress, this little dress is usually on duty.

In past I have worn it like this:

SAM_1953 Drinks and art 4 purple lace 3 purple lace 1

Here is a new option: It is wedding season at the moment, so I hope to wear this outfit soon. It will also make a great valentines day option.


Living room Décor Inspiration

I recently created a lounge area inspiration board using Modani modern furniture, a store specializing in modern and contemporary design. This is what I came up with.  I really like combining modern and bohemian elements.  I’ve always been a fan of having things that don’t quite match or go together.  I think it keeps things interesting. Besides if something does need replacing eventually then I don’t need worry about if I’ve bought the exact shade of green. Book cases are a must in a lounge or living room area for me.Here I incorporated two classic designs, with great storage potential and a pop of colour.  What is not to like?  Check out Modani’s modern sofas for more cool couches.

Let me know what you think of my attempt at décor.