5 Piece French wardrobe

I learnt about the 5 Piece French Wardrobe from AJ.  Her post about how she had adopted this system is really good, I recommend you read it.

The idea behind this concept is to build a wardrobe out of good, quality basics and then splurge on five trendy items each season to keep your wardrobe and style up to date. This allows one to  evaluate what items your wardrobe is lacking, as well as having a coherent wardrobe.  (No more random pieces that don’t get worn because they were randomly selected and aren’t really your style.)

If you want a good example of a basic wardrobe to start from, then I suggest having a look at AJ’s post.

I have taken this concept and modified it to suit me a bit better.  I didn’t start of with the capsule wardrobe of basics.  I’ve basically kept my wardrobe as is and have only adopted the shopping strategy, which is: 5 new pieces per season (a season being Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) So that equals 10 pieces a year.

Now 5 new pieces per season might not seem like much to some. However, 5 pieces per season isn’t really only 5.  Here are the rules:

French wardrobe

  •  5 new trendy/fun pieces per season
  • Basics don’t count and you are allowed as many as you like (or as your bank account will allow).
  • Accessories don’t count.  (I however, count bags)
  • Shoes DO count.
  • Socks, undies, etc, don’t count.
  • Everything else counts.

So if you have a look at it like that, one can still shop till one drops.  But, it has made me think about what trendy (or non basic) pieces I buy.  I am a lot more picky, because I only have a limited amount of space left for them.

This is what I added to my wardrobe for the Spring/Summer season of 2014/2015:


Basics (always allowed):

  1. Black tee, with mesh detail.
  2. White lace tank top.
  3. Navy lace tank top.
  4. Grey skater skirt

The non basic items I added were:

  1. A pair of black flip flops
  2. A pair of transparent flip flops
  3. A pair of silver court heels
  4. A pair of leopard print heels
  5. A tan tote

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What to wear to a wedding as a guest

IMG_2176 IMG_1315 Processed with Moldiv IMG_0672-1.JPG SAM_0115 SAM_0033 birthdya presents 2 100_9301 purple lace 1 Blessings 2 Colour Pop 1 Score 6

I wanted to share a few outfit ideas for weddings.  I always struggle a bit when it comes to deciding what to wear.  I always default to wearing a dress.  They are just so easy to wear and style, and besides I don’t often get the occasion to wear a pretty dress.

I did try and add some variety by adding non-dress options as well as some cold weather options.  I know that some of the trouser options are jeans.  I feel that if  they are a pair of coloured jeans you can get away with it.  Feel free to substitute them for dressier trousers (I just don’t own any other than my navy pair).

Remixing Accesories : Spiked Necklace

birthdya presents 2 100_9301 so many stripes 6 Processed with Moldiv 071 068Black and white


As you know, the purpose of this blog is to illustrate how I am attempting to wear the items I already own in many ways as possible.  Accessories are vital in setting outfits apart.  I’ve not showcased how I remix my accessories on this blog before.  I tend to hang on to accessories for a lot longer than I hang on to clothing items, so they get used a lot more.

This spiked necklace is one of my staples.  If in doubt, add spikes.  Spikes have never steered me wrong.

Would it be helpful at all to add accessories to my 1 Item Multiple Ways page?

February buys

black moto jacket, tote bag

So I’ve finally gone and bought the two things that have been on the top of my  clothing wish list for as long as I can remember.

I’ve searched high and low for the perfect leather jacket. This one is faux leather though, because it is hard enough to find the perfect jacket without the added pressure of a dead animal. And let’s be real, leather jackets are way out of my price range!! I’ve been looking for a non-boxy, non-cropped, black, moto style jacket for YEARS! Is that really too much to ask? I found those really difficult to find. So much so that when I finally found it I started getting texts and messagesfrom friends and family to congratulate me (no, I’m not kidding!).

This tote is also faux leather. The textured pattern makes it a little unique but doesn’t compromise the versatility of being able to style it with anything!

When winter rolls around be prepared to see these items a lot. I have years of catching up to do!

Where did I find these unicorns? Fashion Express. No, you read that correctly Fashion Express!

Red and Magenta

IMG_2175 IMG_2176 IMG_2178 IMG_2181

If you remember my “New  Way to Wear” series in January, then you will recognise this outfit.  I was saving this outfit for a wedding.  I must have subconsciously known that the bride liked this colour, because the brides maids wore the same colour.  I didn’t think anyone noticed until I got hugged from behind by someone who thought I was a bridesmaid.  Oh well…

Black and white striped dress

striped dress 2 striped dress Details striped dress

This is one of those outfits that doesn’t look as good in photos as in real life. In the photos the dress doesn’t seem to sit right, but I didn’t pick that up while I was going about my day. I loved wearing this dress.  It’s great for those summer days when it is deciding to rain or not.  The sleeves add a bit of warmth, but when the sun does come out with a vengeance, at least my legs are bare. I think I’ll try it with tights and boots this winter.