Red and Magenta

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If you remember my “New  Way to Wear” series in January, then you will recognise this outfit.  I was saving this outfit for a wedding.  I must have subconsciously known that the bride liked this colour, because the brides maids wore the same colour.  I didn’t think anyone noticed until I got hugged from behind by someone who thought I was a bridesmaid.  Oh well…

Black and white striped dress

striped dress 2 striped dress Details striped dress

This is one of those outfits that doesn’t look as good in photos as in real life. In the photos the dress doesn’t seem to sit right, but I didn’t pick that up while I was going about my day. I loved wearing this dress.  It’s great for those summer days when it is deciding to rain or not.  The sleeves add a bit of warmth, but when the sun does come out with a vengeance, at least my legs are bare. I think I’ll try it with tights and boots this winter.

Relaxed casual

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I don’t often wear this tee with the giant face on it. It’s a great fit and cut, plus I love the long length. But I’m not so sure about the face. I often wear it back to front (with the v-neck in front) so I don’t have to see this random chick.

I quite like the length of the top with this skirt. I added the cap to take the dogs for a walk.

Love vs. Hate 2

Love vs. Hate 2
Whether you love or hate Valentines day, you can use the same items to create an outfit for either statement.
Here I used the same top and heels, but changed the printed bottoms.
Nothing says “I’m in the mood for love” more than a red lip print. And nothing says “I don’t care about Valentine’s day” more than wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms.  But if you feel like being more socially acceptable, then you can wear a pair of joggers instead.

Love vs. Hate

Love vs. Hate
Whether you love or hate Valentine’s day, you will most likely need to get dressed that day.  I have come up with four outfits for that day, to suit whichever stance you have.  These items are all the same, just in various colours.  I know, I know, the top has hearts.  But for those of you who are like me and aren’t in to the whole V-day fiasco, have closer look at that top. The hearts are upside down! See! Or if you love V-day, hearts are hearts and its a cute top!


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I wore this outfit to the PPC Imaginarium awards recently.  I had no idea what to wear and it took me far too long to think of an LBD.  I wanted to wear heels, but I wasn’t sure of what the seating arrangements would be like, so I opted for kitten heels.

This amazing clutch was given to me by my bestie, Catherine for my birthday.  I eventually attached the chain and slung it over my shoulder (you know, so I could have my cocktail hand free).  My husband had to show me how to attach the chain so that the clutch sill closed.  It helps being married to a technical mind!

Here is the last time I wore this dress on the blog.