Family Dinner


We had a little family dinner not so long ago, to celebrate my sister-in-law finishing her degree!  Yay!  I was getting quite cold that night, as you can see by the layers, but my sister in law was  wearing a (very cute) outfit consisting of a three quarter sleeve top and a light scarf.

I find that wearing something underneath this faux leather jacket makes it much more comfortable to wear.  Does anyone else have the problem of sweating in a faux leather jacket, and that causes you to get cold?

I’ve also never understood how people could wear leather jackets in the summer months.  I guess they don’t have this really hot climate to deal with.  I’ve never understood the denim shorts and leather jacket outfit.  Is the weather to hot for a jacket and therefore the need for shorts?  Or is it too cold for shorts, but the need for showing off some leg is too strong?  Maybe I’m just jealous that I can’t pull off that look?

Top Ten Remix Round Up

IMG_2240 268 293 IMG_2063


I know why you are feeling slightly confused.  Why do I only have four outfits?  Isn’t it supposed to be closer to 30?  The reason is simple.  I didn’t get to document most of the outfits.  I always thought I’d get round to making a collage or something, but I never did.  I also cheated.  I did sometimes wear an outfit that didn’t contain any of my top ten items. (OK, that sentence should have read that I sometimes wore items from my top ten).

I didn’t think it through when I picked these items.  I was so worried about them reflecting my style, that I didn’t bother to think about the weather.  The start of April was warm enough, but from mid April onwards most of these items didn’t cut it.   Especially when I went to visit my folks, who live in a much colder climate. Also, some of these items just didn’t fit like they used to.  They were slightly uncomfortable and I just dreaded wearing them. There were also days where I just didn’t want to wear any of them, so I didn’t.

So here is the breakdown:

wpid-moldiv_1427956035453.jpg wpid-moldiv_1427955931831.jpg


Red Tartan Pencil Skirt:  Worn twice (undocumented)

Lightning bolt earrings:  Worn twice (once undocumented)

Camouflage heels:  Worn once

Jeggings:  I wore these the most.  If I had to guess, I’d say I wore them 5 times. (undocumented).

Red Jeans:  I wore them twice. (Once undocumented)

Black Blazer: I wore it twice.

Aztec Print skirt:  I only wore this once.

Lightning bolt jersey:  I wore this warm and cozy jersey 2 or three times. (only documented once).

Black mesh panel tee:  I didn’t wear this.  Not once.

Gold link necklace:  I wore this at least once, maybe one more time after that.

Would I participate in any future Top Ten Remixes?  Yes, I would.  For me, April was a difficult month.  We had so many long weekends (who wants to dress up on a long weekend?) and the weather is quite fickle.   Next time I will be more prepared though.  I’d also add in some more colour and a neural other than black.  I say that, but red and black has always been my go-to, so I might just have to eat my words.

If you would like to see some bloggers who actually bothered to properly commit to the challenge, then go check out Sarah’s Real Life.



Once upon a date night

IMG_2222 IMG_2233 IMG_2236 IMG_2237


I’m taking a break from the Top Ten Remix to share an outfit that I wore a long, long time ago.  Well,  I wore it in March, but in blogger time that feels like ages ago.

This was an impromptu date night, which always call for leopard print heels, in my book.  We ate at this little Italian place called Del Furno in Groenkloof.  We had been there once before (also on an impromptu date) to have a few cocktails and they gave us some free shooters.  We decided that we would go back and sample some actual food at some point.

In case you were wondering; he had the lasagne and I had the salmon pasta.  It was good!



Top ten remix date night


The toughest part  of this challenge for me has been remembering to actually document my outfits.  I’ve already forgotten half of them.  I think I might have to post some collages of the ones I can still remember.

I manage to snap a few pics of this outfit before we headed out the door.  The featured items are the black blazer and the red jeans.

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Top Ten Remix: Double Lightning

302300293 295 305


I love lightning bolts!  I might love them more than flamingos, and maybe even more than skulls.  I used to have the greatest pair of lighting bolt studs, which I had for years!  Of course I lost one, which didn’t stop me from wearing the other one.  My earrings often don’t match.  But that one broke, beyond repair.  Trust me.  I tried.  I replaced them with these, which I’ve not worn in years!  I included these earrings in my Top Ten Remix to rectify that oversight.

The jersey is also part of my Top Ten Remix choices (what can I say, I’m an over achiever!) I bought this crop top, because it had a lightning bolt on it.  If it hadn’t my wardrobe would still be crop top free.  But when I saw this jersey with the same print AND IT WAS RED!  Well, there was no fighting it.

I wore this to a family braai, and I was nice and snug.  It was cold! What happened to the warm Autumn evenings?  I think it would have looked a bit better if I had cuffed the jeans.  What do you think?

Top 10 Remix: Autumn outfits

280 269 268


Autumn is her with a bang! It might still be green, but the chill has set in.

I really loved wearing this outfit, though I feel it didn’t photograph all that well.  I felt really trendy while wearing this in the queue at Home Affairs (which was in snaking down the road because the pavement was being dug up. For some reason we weren’t allowed to queue on the premises, even though there is a huge empty parking lot, which was also not for parking.)

The skirt is part of my Top 10 Remix.  I keep forgetting to take photos of my outfits.  But, no photos, no proof!


I did however to remember to take this photo on my phone.  The blazer is the features item in this outfit.

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Top 10 Remix Look 1

IMG_2240 IMG_2244 IMG_2247 IMG_2250 IMG_2251

This is my first look for my Top 10 Remix challenge (plus wet hair).   I’m featuring  my gold link necklace and my camouflage heels.

This midi skirt is new. It is the first midi skirt I’ve ever owned and I’m not really sure if it suits me. I’ll give it a few more wears before I decide if I like the skirt or not.

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Top 10 Remix Style challenge


I’ve jumped on board with Sarah and her new remix challenge.  Please join us.  You can find the ‘rules’ here. In a nutshell; pick 10 pieces that you think showcase your style the best. Then try and wear at least one of those pieces everyday for the rest of April.

This is my first style challenge, so I have no clue what I’ve gotten myself into. (Well apart from my attempt to wear my skull dress in 30 different ways.  Most of the skulls washed off after attempt 11, so that died a silent death).

I struggled to limit myself to ten pieces. I just couldn’t choose! So I turned to my husband for help. I asked him what he thought my style was. ” Blazer, skinny jeans, kitten heels and a dangly necklace” was his response. Kitten heels! How does he even know what those are?! I guess he reads my blog! (Hi honey!).

He was spot on of course. In my original top ten I didn’t have a blazer or any shoes. So, I swapped some stuff out. I seem to have a problem with red and black. That seems to always be my default colour scheme. All my favourite things are red, I just can’t help it!


Here are the star players for this month:
Black blazer
Aztec print skirt
Lightning bolt jersey
Black mesh panel tee
Gold links necklace
Red tartan pencil skirt
Lightning bolt earrings
Camouflage print heels
Red skinny jeans

Remember to go check out Sarah’s Real Life for all the other Top 10 Remix participants.  And if you are on social media you can use the hashtag #Top10Remix so we can all keep track of each other (creepy, but fun!).

How to use Pinterest to build a wardrobe you actually like

A Wardrobe you love

The main use Pinterest has for me is gathering outfit inspiration.  I’ve been doing that for a few years and now I have a good grasp of what I like and what I don’t.  I thought I would put together a simple guide on how you could use Pinterest to develop your style.

pin it

Pin outfit photos you like

This might sound like a no-brainer, because it is.  If you like it, you pin it.  I separated my outfit inspiration into two boards. One for warmer weather and one for colder weather.  It just saves a bit of time, not having to scroll through hundreds of pictures shorts and flip flops, when you are in the heart of winter.

Keep an eye out for items similar to what you already own

Inspiration pinned from Merrick’s Art.


Once you have a collection of pins (trust me it won’t take long) scroll through your inspiration photos to see if there are any outfits that you can create with what you already own. Even if you won’t be able to create the entire look head to to toe, you will still find an original way to wear some of your  items.

Keep an eye out for items you don’t have.

While you are copying outfits from Pinterest, you will start to notice items that you don’t have and you will start to feel the urge to go out and buy those items so that you will have that EXACT outfit. By all  means if you want to do that, then go ahead.  But, if you wan’t to have items in your wardrobe that are a bit more versatile, then I suggest you find items that keep repeating themselves.  If you have a handful of outfits on your inspiration board that you love that all contain white high heels, then maybe white high heels are just something you will wear again and again.

Keep an eye out for substitutes

For the longest time I had leopard print heels on my wishlist.  They are all over my inspiration boards.  I didn’t own a pair, but I did (and still do) own a pair of camouflage heels.  So I substituted them for  leo print.  It allowed me to ease off on my search for leopard print heels until I found the perfect (and affordable) pair.  That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped wearing my cammo heels,  it just means that by adding one pair of shoes I have increased my outfit choices by A LOT.

Thanks to Pinterest it doesn’t take me long to put together a stylish outfit with the items I already own.


Casual Weekend Outfit

IMG_2202 IMG_2218 IMG_2216 IMG_2211 IMG_2208IMG_2220It is that time of the year again.  The weather can’t decide if it is hot and sunny or cold and raining.  How does one dress for that?  Well, when I’m stuck for an outfit, I usually just copy one from another blogger (What? That is what they are there for, isn’t it?).  More often than not I copy something from J’s Everyday Fashion like I did here.  It wasn’t warm enough for a t-shirt, but it wasn’t cold enough for a light cardigan.  A chambray shirt was just perfect.