4 style blogs worth following

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J’s Everyday, Kendi Everyday, Putting Me Together, Wendy’s Lookbook

I haven’t gotten round to taking outfit photos in a long time.  I’m expecting a delivery of maternity clothes soon, so I’ll shares those with you soon.

I’ve vacuum packed most of my clothes, and only left out the non-maternity ones that still fit, or that I don’t mind stretching.  Once the maternity stuff arrives I’ll put my favourite non-maternity clothes away, so I can preserve them a bit longer.  Let me know if you want to see which non-maternity items I’ve kept.

I know that you come here to see outfits, so here are some of my favourite bloggers that I think are worth following.  I’m sure you’ve seen most of them, but I hope I will introduce you to a new blog.


  • J’s  Everyday Fashion – I  love J and her blog.  I  think I copy her outfits the most.  She has also taught me to look at inspiration pics as just that, inspiration.  Outfits don’t have to copied out right, use what you have.  If  the inspiration pic has a shirt that reminds you of your printed clutch, use that instead.


  • Putting Me Together – I think Audrey might have been the first ever style blogger I started following (I didn’t even know they exhisted!).  We have similar styles, in the sense that we both lead slightly casual lifestyles, so I always look forward to seeing her outfits.  Plus she puts together fantastic step by step guides.


  • Kendi Everyday – Kendi is a long-time style crush of mine.  She always looks good and I’m bound to find a way to wear an old favourite.


  • Wendy’s Lookbook– Wendy always looks stylish and put together.  Although my lifestyle is far too casual to copy her outfits, I still love seeing what she comes up with.  Wendy loves to play with form, colour and texture and she comes up with creative but very wearable outfits. A girl can dream, right?

5 Style Tips I’ve learned through blogging

I’ve learned a lot about my personal style through blogging. For example skinny jeans and blazers are my jam.  As much as I love colour I also love a neutral outfit.  These little tips are great for me, but not so much for you.   So I rackedmy brain for a few easy style tips that I’ve learned during my time blogging.layering a shirt under a sweater

  • Wearing a  tank top between your button up shirt, and your jersey gives your layering a smooth look, plus it gives you extra warmth. ( I learned that from Franish)
  • 061Rolling the cuffs of your shirt or  blazer gives your outfit that effortlessly cool look.  It also draws attention to your waist!sept oct bangle
  • If you are unsure of a trend, try it in small items first.  Then move on to the bigger items.  I used to hate leopard print, until I bought this bangle.  I tried it out, loved it, and now I’ve added leopard print heels and a dress to my wardrobe.Mehndi 3
  • When packing for a trip, pack neutral colours.  Seriously, no one is going to think your outfits are boring plus all your items will go with each other.  If you just can’t imagine going a week or two without colour, then pick a statement colour (or two, if you have to) and add it in with accessories  or one or two garments.
  • Chevron and checks 2Pattern mixing is easier than you think!  To start off pick patterns that have similar colours, or prints that are slight variation of each other.  Then just build up from there! If the baby steps of pattern mixing sounds to scary, then why not try a single item that mixes patterns (see the point #3), like a scarf that has floral prints and animal prints  on it.

Happy experimenting!

Grey and magenta

039 040 041 037


Yes, this dress again.  And I will wear it until it no longer fits, or maybe just before coz I’d hate to stretch it out.  I love this colour combo, a lot.  The tights have weird patches where the fabric has stretched out.  But they wont be worn again thanks to Amos (the dog) who was so happy to see me return from a lunch date with the husband that he created a lovely run down the back.  I should thank him because I would have just kept wearing the weird patchy tights just because of the colour.

Sad day

325326 968


I really loved this outfit when I was wearing it.  Unfortunately, looking at the photos I’m reminded that this was the day our beloved cat Ginny passed away.  Any parent to fur kids will know what a blow that is.  If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that the week before my mother’s cat, Missy (which happens to be Ginny’s mum) also passed away, so it has been a sad time for our family and our beloved pets.  Blogging and Instagram-ing have just not been on my mind lately.  This blog is a place for happy things and I want it to remain so.  If my blog posts have been a bit sparse lately, I’m sure you will understand that taking outfits to put on the internet for strangers to look at has not been a priority lately.


307 309


I copied this look from Audrey from Putting Me Together.  Have a look at her original outfit here.  I liked how the outfit is compiled of so many relaxed items (knit blazer, grey knit dress and laid back scarf) yet it looks so pulled together.  I love it when I find outfits that I can copy almost exactly.  It’s like other people are getting dressed for me.

I would like to draw your attention to the new Menu Item in the top left hand corner of the blog, Maternity Outfits.  I’ve already added some of my first trimester outfits and have a few more coming up.  All my first trimester outfits consist of non-maternity clothing.

Family Dinner


We had a little family dinner not so long ago, to celebrate my sister-in-law finishing her degree!  Yay!  I was getting quite cold that night, as you can see by the layers, but my sister in law was  wearing a (very cute) outfit consisting of a three quarter sleeve top and a light scarf.

I find that wearing something underneath this faux leather jacket makes it much more comfortable to wear.  Does anyone else have the problem of sweating in a faux leather jacket, and that causes you to get cold?

I’ve also never understood how people could wear leather jackets in the summer months.  I guess they don’t have this really hot climate to deal with.  I’ve never understood the denim shorts and leather jacket outfit.  Is the weather to hot for a jacket and therefore the need for shorts?  Or is it too cold for shorts, but the need for showing off some leg is too strong?  Maybe I’m just jealous that I can’t pull off that look?

Top Ten Remix Round Up

IMG_2240 268 293 IMG_2063


I know why you are feeling slightly confused.  Why do I only have four outfits?  Isn’t it supposed to be closer to 30?  The reason is simple.  I didn’t get to document most of the outfits.  I always thought I’d get round to making a collage or something, but I never did.  I also cheated.  I did sometimes wear an outfit that didn’t contain any of my top ten items. (OK, that sentence should have read that I sometimes wore items from my top ten).

I didn’t think it through when I picked these items.  I was so worried about them reflecting my style, that I didn’t bother to think about the weather.  The start of April was warm enough, but from mid April onwards most of these items didn’t cut it.   Especially when I went to visit my folks, who live in a much colder climate. Also, some of these items just didn’t fit like they used to.  They were slightly uncomfortable and I just dreaded wearing them. There were also days where I just didn’t want to wear any of them, so I didn’t.

So here is the breakdown:

wpid-moldiv_1427956035453.jpg wpid-moldiv_1427955931831.jpg


Red Tartan Pencil Skirt:  Worn twice (undocumented)

Lightning bolt earrings:  Worn twice (once undocumented)

Camouflage heels:  Worn once

Jeggings:  I wore these the most.  If I had to guess, I’d say I wore them 5 times. (undocumented).

Red Jeans:  I wore them twice. (Once undocumented)

Black Blazer: I wore it twice.

Aztec Print skirt:  I only wore this once.

Lightning bolt jersey:  I wore this warm and cozy jersey 2 or three times. (only documented once).

Black mesh panel tee:  I didn’t wear this.  Not once.

Gold link necklace:  I wore this at least once, maybe one more time after that.

Would I participate in any future Top Ten Remixes?  Yes, I would.  For me, April was a difficult month.  We had so many long weekends (who wants to dress up on a long weekend?) and the weather is quite fickle.   Next time I will be more prepared though.  I’d also add in some more colour and a neural other than black.  I say that, but red and black has always been my go-to, so I might just have to eat my words.

If you would like to see some bloggers who actually bothered to properly commit to the challenge, then go check out Sarah’s Real Life.



Once upon a date night

IMG_2222 IMG_2233 IMG_2236 IMG_2237


I’m taking a break from the Top Ten Remix to share an outfit that I wore a long, long time ago.  Well,  I wore it in March, but in blogger time that feels like ages ago.

This was an impromptu date night, which always call for leopard print heels, in my book.  We ate at this little Italian place called Del Furno in Groenkloof.  We had been there once before (also on an impromptu date) to have a few cocktails and they gave us some free shooters.  We decided that we would go back and sample some actual food at some point.

In case you were wondering; he had the lasagne and I had the salmon pasta.  It was good!



Top ten remix date night


The toughest part  of this challenge for me has been remembering to actually document my outfits.  I’ve already forgotten half of them.  I think I might have to post some collages of the ones I can still remember.

I manage to snap a few pics of this outfit before we headed out the door.  The featured items are the black blazer and the red jeans.

Go check out Sarah’s Real Life for more Top Ten Remixers.

Top Ten Remix: Double Lightning

302300293 295 305


I love lightning bolts!  I might love them more than flamingos, and maybe even more than skulls.  I used to have the greatest pair of lighting bolt studs, which I had for years!  Of course I lost one, which didn’t stop me from wearing the other one.  My earrings often don’t match.  But that one broke, beyond repair.  Trust me.  I tried.  I replaced them with these, which I’ve not worn in years!  I included these earrings in my Top Ten Remix to rectify that oversight.

The jersey is also part of my Top Ten Remix choices (what can I say, I’m an over achiever!) I bought this crop top, because it had a lightning bolt on it.  If it hadn’t my wardrobe would still be crop top free.  But when I saw this jersey with the same print AND IT WAS RED!  Well, there was no fighting it.

I wore this to a family braai, and I was nice and snug.  It was cold! What happened to the warm Autumn evenings?  I think it would have looked a bit better if I had cuffed the jeans.  What do you think?